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Creation is Magnificent

We are part of creation. Therefore, we are magnificent.

Our modern world is profoundly cut off from Nature. Connecting to Earth and Sun, and the dynamic synergy which has produced our astonishing world, aligns us with the creative genius of the Universe.

In order to access Creation’s genius, aligning with, and connecting deeply to Earth and Sun

It is essential to value our unique sensibilities, to express our unique self, and to encourage others to do so. By developing our capacity to do this, we gain vitality, focus, confidence, effectiveness and joy.

Living from essence is essential to being in integrity with oneself and creation

At the same time, there is an innate desire in us to achieve, to create, and to excel. This is how we manifest ourselves and maximize our contribution. Striving to be our best as ourselves and with the mutual support of others can significantly improve our results. My goal is to help people find the right balance between self-acceptance and self-mastery.


Transformational Coaching with Jojo Silver, Play Coach

“There’s no discernible limit to what we can evolve into as human beings; in fact, now that we have a working model of the evolving, holographic Universe from the micro level to the macro level, we have the foundation we need for embodied transformation as Cosmic humans. My mission is to encourage deep self exploration and free self-expression. Allow me to be your Play-Mentor, guide and coach.”

Jojo Silver

Having our “doing” originate from our state of “being”

At the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, we have ways that we want to express ourselves. I will encourage you to respond to your inner impulses to find self-fulfillment. To discover how we are blocking our authenticity, and to voice what has been repressed through movement, sound, and self-expression.

As humans, we are a rich tapestry of different qualities waiting to be uncovered and displayed

I am skillful at providing a loving presence that can make it easier to explore the areas where one feels self-critical. At the most fundamental level, I see you as always doing your best. Having raised 5 children focusing on loving them unconditionally, I simply radiate that type of energy field naturally with people I am coaching.


“Josh is the most positive person I’ve ever met and models a way of experiencing life – a commitment to joy — that is infectious. Also, he supports you unconditionally and has an incredible knack for helping you remember the best that is inside of you.”
~ Dan Rosensweig — former pro soccer player & Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity – Charlottesville, Va.

“I’ve been dealing with an intermittent immune system disorder for 22 years. I’ve tried virtually everything including dozens of people who say they “run energy” — some with national reputations and some charging large amounts of money. Mostly they either made a slight impact or their treatments didn’t seem to work at all.

I was having a bad attack and Josh did a session on me for about 45 minutes. To my amazement, it made a huge palpable difference. Within a short amount of time my symptoms were literally gone. He is a man who knows how to run energy and heal on a very profound level. I endorse his work wholeheartedly.”

~ Jai Josefs, Award winning musician and composer.

About me

In 1976, I was initiated into Siddha Yoga by the master Swami Muktananda. For the next 4 years, I lived in spiritual communities spending extended periods in the profound experience of existence as blissful oneness. I’ve spent the past 40+ years integrating this awareness into my daily life and seeing all of us as embodying this same inner state. I have developed and offered different personal growth programs — JELL: Joyfully Embracing Love and Life; Full Spectrum Manhood; and IHP: An Individualized Happiness Program. I am co-founder of the Play Revolution, a movement to bring play into institutions, interpersonal relations, and to help transform humanity.

Several years ago I recognized that my connection to Nature was severely lacking. Tapping back into my years of deep meditative focus, I developed a dynamic, embodied nature immersion process called SolEarthing, standing barefoot on the earth and opening to the miraculousness of the 4.5 billion year process of evolution provided by the Sun and Earth. With great reverence, gratitude, and awe, I’ve spent about 4 hours daily since Spring 2017 consciously breathing in the direct experience of the creative genius of the Universe.


I see myself as coach, Play-Mentor and Permissionary. I have actively devoted myself to my own transformation, and always will – as well as your transformation. There’s no discernible limit to what we can evolve into as human beings; in fact, now that we have a working model of the evolving, holographic Universe from the micro level to the macro level, we have the foundation we need for embodied transformation as Cosmic humans.

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